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Tracey Hartshorn Therapy

Thank you for visiting my website. Finding the right therapist can be difficult and its important to find someone with whom you can feel comfortable and safe. I offer a truly non-judgemental and warm approach where you will be accepted as the unique human being you are. By enabling you to speak openly about what is happening in your life, I will join you in exploring your thoughts, feelings and behaviours to help you to find lasting change and a different future.

About Therapy and Counselling

I work with a wide range of adult clients and believe that support is valuable for all. Whether you are 18 or 80 it is never too late to change or create a different life story. I offer both long-term and short-term work with you in control of the content and the duration: it is my role to guide and support your own process not impose my own.

Many clients have commented that my way of working helps them to feel accepted, understood and trusted. This helps to build a relationship where clients can be honest and open about their issues and supports a depth of work where long lasting change can be found.

I enable and support my clients to lead the process as my work is underpinned by a strong belief that we all hold our own answers: we may just need help finding them.

How does Counselling work and who can it help?

Counselling works by building a relationship between the therapist and the client which is based on mutual trust and openness. The therapist creates an environment where the client can feel comfortable to express thoughts and feelings which they may not feel able to express with others in their life.

The skill of the therapist is always to be as close to the client's reality as they can be, to accept this reality as the client's truth and to be as free from judgement as is possible. In my own experience as a client, the therapeutic relationship itself can be healing. It is sadly all too rare to be fully heard and seen and accepted: this is what therapy offers.

Therapy can help everyone. Whether you are trying to resolve the problems and issues of a lifetime or just want some help with feeling a bit low at times, therapy is for you. When we have tooth ache we think nothing of going to the dentist: it should be as simple as this for our psychological health as well.

I have worked with many clients with a wide range of issues: bereavement, anxiety, depression, life changes such as redundancy, gender identity, loneliness, survivors of neglect and abuse. All of these issues will have an impact on us and everyone's experience will be unique.

Supervision for Counsellors and Therapists

I offer clinical supervision for counsellors and therapists. This can be online or in-person and for individual or group sessions.

Please check out my page headed Supervision for more details.


I work from comfortable premises near the centre of Long Eaton, which is easily accessible by public transport with free parking available within a couple of minutes walk. My counselling room is on the ground floor and accessible for those with mobility issues.

My working days/times are:

In Person Appointments:

Tuesday: 9:30 to 17:30

Wednesday: 12:00 to 17:30

Thursday: 9:30 to 13:30

Online Appointments:

Monday: 13:30 to 17:00

Online session are via MS Teams or WhatsApp video call. Clients are asked to ensure they have a suitable venue for these sessions ensuring confidentially can be maintained.