My Corporate Offerings - Wellbeing Workshops and Services

Over the years more and more research supports the view that a happy workforce performs better, is more motivated and has higher morale. These factors also lead to less waste and downtime, lower absence levels and greater productivity.

Happier people are also a joy to be around. If you want to build an awesome culture and avoid generating of a toxic one then take a look at my Wellbeing workshops and services below.

Mental Health Awareness training

Based on prevention, creating a culture for positive mental health and equipping staff and managers with simple tools to respond to those in need.

This is an alternative to Mental Health First Aid and focusses very much on prevention rather than cure. Why? Because the principle of ‘first aid’ is that an accident has happened which needs urgent attention. My aim is to support you to create a culture of positive mental health where everyone supports each other to be happy, healthy and productive.

A 1 day courses is available as an in-house training day for up to 12 participants.

A brief introduction lasting 1.5 hours is available as a virtual offering.

Resilience Mastery Training

Using the unique Water Cooler Model for Resilience Mastery give your staff the ability to effectively manage their own resilience.

This is a preventative model purposely designed to enable people to respond effectively to the challenges of life and work.

Resilience is an essential attribute in life. If you’ve already got it and it works for you that’s great but it can also be learnt and improved upon.

If your business is high stress and demanding then this training will be a real benefit. Currently delivered as a 1 day in-house workshop.

A virtual and online offering will soon be available. Contact Tracey if you’re happy to use a trial version at a reduced cost.

Employee Support Services

There is an increasing awareness that employers need to become more aware of the Mental Health needs of their workforce and respond accordingly.

In many instances, incidents and accidents have been attributed to the mental health of a staff member. In other cases, there is an increasing trend for disciplinaries, grievances and tribunals as a result of unaddressed mental health concerns.

We provide a cost effective and local service for small and medium sized businesses in the East Midlands to provide counselling and therapy services for employees and professional support for employers needing help with staff who may be experiencing mental health issues.

We use only fully qualified, insured and supervised counsellors and therapists to ensure a safe, ethical and professionally managed approach.

Depending on your business needs there are three packages available with different costs to suit the size and demands of your business.

Access to specialist specialist HR and H&S advice is also available as needed through trusted partner organisations.

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