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I am currently working in-person and online. Online sessions are available using MS Teams, Zoom and WhatsApp.

I have a COVID-19 safe working policy which all in-person clients will be asked to follow. If you would like to see this please contact me.

About Therapy and Counselling

Thank you for visiting my website. Finding the right therapist can be difficult and its important to find someone with whom you can feel comfortable and safe. I offer a truly non-judgemental and warm approach where you will be accepted as the unique human being you are. By enabling you to speak openly about what is happening in your life, I will join you in exploring your thoughts, feelings and behaviours to help you to find lasting change and a different future.

I work with a wide range of adult clients and believe that support is valuable for all. Whether you are 18 or 80 it is never too late to change or create a different life story. I offer both long-term and short-term work with you in control of the content and the duration: it is my role to guide and support your own process not impose my own.

Many clients have commented that my way of working helps them to feel accepted, understood and trusted. This helps to build a relationship where clients can be honest and open about their issues and supports a depth of work where long lasting change can be found.

I enable and support my clients to lead the process as my work is underpinned by a strong belief that we all hold our own answers: we may just need help finding them.

How does Counselling work and who can it help?

Counselling works by building a relationship between the therapist and the client which is based on mutual trust and openness. The therapist creates an environment where the client can feel comfortable to express thoughts and feelings which they may not feel able to express with others in their life.

The skill of the therapist is always to be as close to the client’s reality as they can be, to accept this reality as the client’s truth and to be as free from judgement as is possible.

In my own experience as a client, the therapeutic relationship itself can be healing. It is sadly all too rare to be fully heard and seen and accepted: this is what therapy offers.

Therapy can help everyone. Whether you are trying to resolve the problems and issues of a lifetime or just want some help with feeling a bit low at times, therapy is for you. When we have tooth ache we think nothing of going to the dentist: it should be as simple as this for our psychological health as well.

I have worked with many clients with a wide range of issues: bereavement, anxiety, depression, life changes such as redundancy, gender identity, loneliness, survivors of neglect and abuse. All of these issues will have an impact on us and everyone’s experience will be unique.

Clients living with long-term and chronic conditions such as; MS, ME, fibromyalgia, diabetes, epilepsy, cancer, amongst many others, are often frustrated and angry at how they are told to ‘learn to live’ with their condition. In my experience it’s not that easy as we are all unique in ourselves, our support systems, our working lives and what works for one might not work for another.

Living with a life changing health issue can be incredibly difficult and whilst the medical profession can help you to become as physically active as possible, they are generally less good at helping you to feel ok about the changes you must make to your life. That is exactly what therapy can help with.

If you have been referred for NHS counselling via the IAPT (improving Access to Psychological Therapies) service you may be on a waiting list for assessment and then a further waiting list for your 6 free sessions of CBT counselling. In some instances it can take up to 16 weeks before the process of counselling begins. This can feel like a long time to wait if you are struggling with mental health issues. I have worked successfully with many clients during this waiting time and am happy to offer short term therapy prior to the commencement of NHS services. This can be hugely beneficial to your short term mental health and can even improve the effectiveness of the NHS work as you have already started to work on the issues and establish some coping mechanisms. If you would like more information on this work or would like to book an initial assessment, please contact me.

Services Offered

I offer a range of services for private clients:

  • Short-term counselling for individuals
  • Long-term therapy for individuals
  • Mental Health consultations

I am trained to work with any presenting issue and commonly work with:

  • Anxiety and Fearfulness
  • Depression and Sadness
  • Dealing with sudden change such as bereavement, redundancy and divorce/relationship difficulties
  • Survivors of trauma and abuse
  • Living with Long-Term Chronic & Conditions
  • Gender Issues and Stereotypes
  • Loneliness
  • Lack of Motivation, Low Energy, Resilience
  • Relationship difficulties

I enable and support my clients to lead the process as my work is underpinned by a strong belief that we all hold our own answers: we may just need help finding them.

I have a particular interest in narrative therapy and the use of story to help people describe their experiences, finding this to be particularly useful for working with survivors of trauma and abuse as it provides a gentle and safe way to express deeper emotions.

A new service, from September 2019 I will provide a mental health consultation service for anyone who is concerned about the psychological health of another. This could be a family member, a friend, or a colleague who is showing behaviours which cause you concern. The aim of this service is to help you to better support them and to enable them to access the help they need.

I am approved by the Private Practice Register and offer therapy and counselling via specified Employee Assistance Programmes (EAPs) and Medical Insurance Plans. If you would like to access therapy via an EAP or insurance plan please talk to your provider in the first instance stating that you have a preferred therapist you would like to work with. By providing my name and contact details the scheme administrator will contact me directly and you will be able to commence therapy more quickly. Once approved, all payments are direct between the scheme provider and myself with no financial outlay for you.

I am also a qualified and experienced developmental coach offering an alternative approach to exploring personal change which is helpful for those wanting to focus on the future and make positive lasting changes to life and work. Please ask for further details if you are interested in a coaching approach.

About Me

I hold a Post Graduate Diploma in Person-Centred Psychotherapy and Counselling from the Sherwood Psychotherapy Training Institute and an ILM level 7 Certificate in Executive Coaching and Mentoring.

Accredited practitioner with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and work within their code of conduct and ethics.

Accredited Mediator with UK Mediation.

I have experience within the NHS having worked at the Nottingham University Hospital's Diabetes Unit offering psychological support to those living with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. I also volunteer at a local Hospice offering support to those who are recently bereaved and people living with life limiting illnesses.

Additionally, I am a qualified and experienced developmental coach offering an alternative approach to exploring personal change which is helpful for those wanting to focus on the future and make positive lasting changes to life and work. For details of my coaching services visit my alternative website Here

Further information can be found on the Counselling Directory by clicking Here or on the BACP 'Find a Therapist' website Here.

Online Appointments

I also offer sessions online via Zoom, MS Teams and WhatsApp. Clients are asked to ensure they have a suitable venue for these sessions ensuring confidentiality can be maintained.

New to Zoom? Click Here for more information.

Current Fees and Arrangements

I work from comfortable premises near the centre of Long Eaton, which is easily accessible by public transport with free parking available within a couple of minutes walk. My counselling room is on the ground floor and accessible for those with mobility issues.

My working days/times are:

Monday to Thursday 9:00 to 17:30

Client fees

Individual Assessment (70 mins) - £60
Individual Session (60 mins) - £60
Mental Health consultation (60 mins) - £70

Payment methods are: Bank transfer, Paypal, credit and debit card. All appointments must be paid for on or before the agreed session time.


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